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In many areas of the United States in the nineteenth century German immigrants formed local singing societies.  This gave them opportunity to not only socialize with other Germans, but to express their love of music and to nurture and preserve their rich cultural heritage.  One such society, the Newark Männerchor, was formed on December 5, 1881.

The Newark Männerchor organization continues to this day, but as the immigration of German people has ebbed, the makeup of our membership has changed.  We are no longer a group of immigrants.  Some of us are descendants of German immigrants, but most of us are sons and daughters of the "great melting pot" of Americans.  However, our purpose remains the same:  To nurture and preserve, to the best of our abilities, our German cultural heritage through music, primarily choral singing.  But above all, we take pride in being loyal Americans.

2021 Officers

PRESIDENT:             Mike Lohrman


SECRETARY:            Josephine Koch

TREASURER:           Dale Grigsby


Jeff Amspaugh  

Kevin Blackstone      
Tim Blackstone 

Steve Burns     
John Copenhefer     
Jeff Crabill 

Steve Ehret    
Jim Hopewell     
Barry McDougal       
Jeff Lammers     
Jeff O'Donnell     
Marty Werner